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Watch the story of Manish who went from 49%tile in CAT 2017 to IIM Ahmedabad in CAT 2018.

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Who is the instructor?
All the videos are created by Vivek Sankaran.

Vivek fluked his way to an IIM Ahmedabad convert. Vivek was the director of T.I.M.E. Goa from 2009 to 2016. Under his mentorship, T.I.M.E. Goa achieved some fluky results which coincidentally happened each year. He managed to train over 3,000 students for CAT and other MBA entrance exams. Vivek has also created LRDI Videos for various online test prep providers. He also hosts the MBA Prep Talk on TOPMYTEST’s YouTube Channel.

How many videos will I get?
300+ recorded videos covering all the different types of problems that have come up in CAT over the last two to three years. Each concept is taught at a pace comfortable to all levels of aspirants with ample number of examples to help you understand all the aspects of LRDI.


Besides this, you also get one additional practice set each weekday (Monday to Friday) with video solutions. In total you will have close to 500+ practice sets with video solutions

How are the classes conducted?
LRDI needs concentration. Live classes can be intimidating for students who are starting from scratch and boring for students who want a faster pace. Each one has his or her own speed of grasping and learning. In a live session, sometimes topics and questions are left unsolved. In a recorded session, there is no chance of this happening. For group study and interaction, the discussion forums are there and these provide ample options for peer to peer learning. Imagine trying to learn in a class where everyone is shouting a different answer and you have to worry about 500+ notifications. A recorded session helps you overcome the noise part and you can concentrate on your learning.
How will I access the course?
Once you completed the payment and send your ID Proof, you will get login details via email. You can log into the course page and start learning.
How are doubts solved?
Doubt clearing –

The course will have its own forum to help you clear all your doubts regarding any problem that you face in LRDI. Doubts will be solved within 48 hours max. In practice, this will be much faster. The doubts will be handled in the following manner –
If more than 75% of the doubt resembles a set that is already in included in the course, then we will direct you to the relevant video.

If more than 50% of the doubt resembles a set that is already in included in the course, but does not fall in the first category, then we would be providing an image based solution onto your account.
If this is not sufficient, we will provide a video based solution.
The numbers are a general figure. In case there is need for further explanation, we will provide video based solutions even for the problems in the first two categories.

Doubt solving requirements –
When you post a doubt on LRDI, please post the set and all the questions in the set in a form of a screen-shot. Also provide the answer keys (not the solution). Doubt without answer keys won’t be entertained. Here are the reasons why?
The aim of a doubt is not to test the knowledge of the instructor, but to understand how to solve the question. You already have the solution, but you are not able to build an approach towards it. Hence a doubt.
We ask for answer keys because even reputed printers and mock providers regularly make errors in problems. This will help us speed up the doubt clearing process.
If you are testing the knowledge of the instructor, please stop. Do not enroll for this course, because the instructors know nothing.


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