The Ultra Practical QA Course

If you go through any Quant Course Book you will have 30 chapters, around 30 to 50 formulae / trick / shortcut to learn. The makes it around 1000+ formulae to learn and try to reproduce while answering in the exam. And there is no end to the shortcut. You master one part, someone would come up with another “better” way of doing it. This can be very intimidating. So here is an Ultra Practical QA course that will help you improve your scores in the QA section. We would try to utilize 5 to 10 basic principles that would help you solve more than 90% of the problems rather than 100 relations that would possibly help you solve 100% of the problems but possibly confuse you in more than 50% of the problems.

Course features -

The course would be provided as a self learning course. We will be uploading 8 to 10 concept PDFs with a few solved examples in video format. We would also have 200+ practice examples with solutions in video format. Each area would have 200+ Qs covering all applications of the area and how to go about using these Qs.

Schedule for the videos

The videos would be made available according to the following schedule. They would be available till 30th November 2018
Module 1: Basics + Arithmetic [From 13th to 20th August 2018]
Module 2: Geometry [From 20th to 31st August 2018]
Module 3: Algebra [From 1st September to 7th September 2018]
Modules 4 and 5: Numbers and Higher Math [From 8thSeptember 2018 to 30th September 2018]

Who is this course suited for?

This a course for students who would like to overcome fear of math and try to work their way out of a tough situation rather than remember formulae and shortcut for different pattern of problems. If you would like to see how we solve our problems – here are more than 500+ solved examples from the past CAT, IIFT and XAT papers freely available on Youtube here. 
You can check for the quality of solutions and teaching pedagogy.

Doubt Solving

Just like with our LRDI course, we would be having doubt solving facility. You will need to upload your doubts on the student portal and we would be solving the doubts there itself. For any personal queries you can contact us on WhatsApp directly. But doubts won’t be solved on WhatsApp. We will take max one working day to solve QA doubts. In reality it would be done much faster


Length Till march 2018
Level Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Number Of Videos 1000+
Doubt Clearing Yes
Contact us

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